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Our quality control standards are such that each wheel is individually inspected prior to shipment. Our extensive inventory allows us to ship most orders the same working days with a fill rate that is rivaled by no other company. All of this, combined with our knowledgeable customer representatives, technical support and innovative web site make dealing with UP Wheels one of the best vendor/customer relationships you will ever experience.
UP Wheels will continue it's pursuit of the ultimate perfection offering quality, strength and style backed by service, supply and affordability. While our history of success grows, our drive and determination to be the best in the industry will continue to grow even stronger...and that kind of commitment is timeless.

Our Steps to Success


Our research staff works diligently in making discoveries that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to improvement of existing products. Research and development is one of the keys in future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand our operations.


Our process of design thinking is a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that we can employ to achieve extraordinary results. The design thinking process is best thought of as a system of overlapping spaces rather than a sequence of orderly steps. There are three spaces to keep in mind: inspiration, ideation, and implementation. Inspiration is the problem or opportunity that motivates the search for solutions. Ideation is the process of generating, developing, and testing ideas. Implementation is the path that leads from the project stage into people’s lives


The creation of products with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits. Product development may involve modification of an existing product or its presentation, or formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined market niche.


One of the most important factors of our business is entering and exiting the market window with the right products at the right time - taking market share and building for the future.

Our Advantages

Competitive Pricing

Building the Ultimate Performance Wheels has its price, but we promise to be competitive, reasonable and fair. Our focus is to provide the best value wheels in the industry.

Best support

We are here for you and we truely value our customers. Our support staff will be helpful with your best interests in mind.

Friendly Staff

There are dozens of reasons to choose our company for your specific needs. We are a trusted company, and we value our customers. Our professional staff is always friendly, courteous, and helpful with your best interests in mind. In fact, if you are not satisfied, we are determined to make it right.

Quality service

We're dedicated to giving you the best service possible. And we'll prove it. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll do our best to correct the problem.

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